Welcome to Southern Medical Group!

  Southern Medical Group (SMG) was formed in 1988 by the merger of two prominent Tallahassee physician groups. The physicians of Southern Medical Group practice the specialties of Internal Medicine and Cardiology. They provide adult primary and specialty care, as well as, consultations for other physicians.

  Internal Medicine Specialists provide primary care with special emphasis on diagnosis, evaluation and medical care in a broad area including diseases of the heart, lungs, intestinal tract and kidneys.

  Invasive and Interventional Cardiologists provide specialized expertise in diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Southern Medical Group provides services in echocardiography, cardiac catheterization, coronary angioplasty, myocardial biopsy, atherectomy, coronary stents, electrophysiology, and nuclear imaging.

  The physicians of Southern Medical Group believe two of the keystones of the doctor/patient relationship are communication and understanding. We sincerely solicit your questions about your medical problems, our treatments and/or procedures, and our charges so that we may continue providing improved medical care to you and your family.

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